Text Box: The market leading partnership
delivering choice and quality

Consultants, contractors and clients can all benefit from the independent expertise of Trend Technology Centres.

  Trend systems can be competitively supplied by a variety of TTC companies providing customer choice to suit all needs.

  Installation and commissioning provided by specialists with the knowledge and expertise to deliver cost effective, fully integrated solutions.

  The TTC skill base shortens contractual chains, providing direct control of all activities on a project.

  Trend systems are handed over with consistent and comprehensive system documentation, adding value and protecting customer investment for the future.

Trend Technology Centres are Trend's business partners, committed to providing consistent levels of product and service quality to our mutual customers. What follows outlines the minimum criteria that form the basis of these partnerships:

                                                      Trend Technology Centre Status requirements

To provide customers with confidence in a TTC's ability to service their needs, all TTC companies must demonstrate competence and a history of successful trading in control systems business. This must include a minimum period of at least twelve months in a trading partnership with Trend in a Systems Integrator capacity. This must be supported by an active three year business plan; and compliance with Trend's credit measurement criteria. 

To ensure that a TTC can specify and deliver completed systems that meet client expectations, TTC's must have a minimum of five engineers fully trained and up-to-date in engineering Trend systems and two Trend-competent sales engineers; and must employ a minimum of 10 full time staff.

To ensure that systems are designed consistently, efficiently, error-free and fully documented TTC's must demonstrate consistent use of Trend's controller configuration toolkit and supervisors.

In order that the TTC companies can adequately demonstrate to their customers the capabilities of the Trend system, they should have a permanent demonstration facility deploying current Trend products supported by a full range of current documentation.

All TTC's undergo an formal credit-check annually and are required to submit audited accounts each year. Additionally Trend undertake an annual audit to validate that the TTC company is installing and delivering trend systems to the standards required for TTC status. Included in this audit are checks and measures to ensure that TTC companies have formal processes and procedures in place to control: Health and Safety (inc. CDM); Suppliers & Sub-contractors; Virus Infection; Project Management; Hardware & Software Traceability; Staff Training and Complaint Management; Trend require documentary evidence of such working procedures, policies and regular assessments, addressing these aspects.